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Magic Circle Magician Ian Brennan

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What is Magic for Schools?

Magic For Schools is grown up magic for younger people: A full day of interactive magic and performance with no cheesy magic shows in sight! 

It is my aim to amaze and entertain the grown ups as much as the students while wowing the pupils with an experience that will both entertain and inspire them!


Who Am I?

My name is Ian Brennan and I have been a professional magician for ten years. Before that I was a full time primary school teacher. As well as performing  regularly for a wide range of audiences  I am one of a small team of magicians who were hand picked to teach magic to the student magicians at The Magic Circle in London.

My experience ranges from working with ages 4 to Adults, including adults with learning difficulties.  Sessions are aimed to be inclusive of all regardless of background or ability.

'Magic For Schools' works best with those aged 9+


The Packages

There are three packages to suit your needs and budget.

For example the Premium Package includes:

*Themes and topics of your choice encorporated into the performances.

*Full day of magic

*Live performances

*Q&A sessions,

*Beginner magic tutorials 

*and a Whole School Assembly at the end of the day with your pupils being the stars.

*At your discretion the Pupils I work with will gain access to 10 tutorial videos for a range of effects they can practice and learn at home.

Other packages are available for schools who may require shorter or more budget friendly options.

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Magic For Schools